Dan Lippmann LCSW. Practical, Sustainable Happiness

About Dan

Dan Lippmann, LCSW, is the Director of Counseling & Wellness Innovations, a busy counseling practice in Naperville and Downers Grove, Illinois. During his 30 years as a counselor, Dan has developed innovative, research-based techniques to help his clients achieve rapid relief from anxiety, stress, depression, anger and relationship problems. He is fond of saying, “Therapy doesn’t have to last for years!” Almost all his clients experience results in the first two sessions.

Dan’s approach combines Cognitive Behavior Therapy and practical, problem-solving techniques. He is the creator of the Mood Switch Method, an easy to learn technique that rapidly shifts distorted, negative thinking to more realistic, balanced thinking.

Dan has been cited as a Master Practitioner in the book, Light Years Ahead, and his innovative approach to stress reduction was featured in the Chicago Tribune.

You can learn more about how Dan uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy by viewing his youtube video.