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Dealing with Depression: Top 10 Benefits of the Mood Switch

I often support a client’s decision to forego antidepressants for mild to moderate depression. That’s because I know there’s an alternative to drugs that:

  • Has no harmful side effects
  • Works fast
  • Leads to long lasting improvement

That alternative is the Mood Switch – an easy to learn strategy that breaks the painful cycle of negative emotions such as anxiety, down moods and anger

I developed the Mood Switch to help people bring their negative moods under greater control.

The simple steps are based on the principle that most negative feelings result from your

thoughts about upsetting events, more so than the events themselves.

Feeling better by thinking better

For example, you may blame your upset on your boss yelling at you. Yet it’s your negative thoughts about the incident that are the true cause of your pain (He has no respect for me. He’s going to make my life miserable. I’ll probably get fired and never be able to find work again.).

Long after the incident is over, it’s those upsetting thoughts that are rolling through your mind.

Fortunately, the Mood Switch can show you how to counteract these unhelpful thoughts so you can change how you feel.

Here are the Top 10 benefits of the Mood Switch.

1. Relax – there are no harmful side effects. When you use the Mood Switch, none of your precious energy will be wasted worrying about harmful side effects.

As you follow the simple steps to counteract your upsetting thoughts, hope and confidence will replace uncertainty and helplessness. Positive side effects – hope, satisfaction, contentment – are the only ones you’ll experience!

2. Feel better in minutes rather than weeks. Unlike drugs that can take weeks to work, the Mood Switch takes less than 30 minutes to learn. You’ll experience noticeable relief as soon as you complete the steps. You begin to feel better immediately!

3. Gain self confidence. Using antidepressants can increase feelings of dependence and helplessness. The Mood Switch, on the other hand, teaches new skills and leads to insights that boost confidence and control. As you gain relief through your own efforts, your confidence steadily increases.

4. Experience long lasting benefits. Although the Mood Switch works quickly, it’s much more than a quick fix. It helps you understand why you get upset and teaches you to change your negative thinking patterns for long term results. Life becomes more relaxed and enjoyable when you have greater control of your moods.

5. Get unstuck fast. Depression often results from the accumulation of negative and upsetting thoughts, leading you to feel overwhelmed and paralyzed (There’s so much to deal with. I don’t know where to start.) The Mood Switch helps you quickly pinpoint a specific event or experience as a starting point.

Rather than looking for a root cause, you take immediate steps to change how you feel in the present moment. Confusion and overwhelm are replaced with the positive feeling of moving forward and taking control.

6. Gain tools for prevention. Whenever you experience a new upset, you can easily use the Mood Switch on your own to identify your negative thoughts and create helpful responses. This allows you to be proactive and prevent down moods from taking hold.

7. Help others. As you experience relief from upset, you’ll likely want to help friends and relatives feel better, too. Once you learn the Mood Switch, you’ll find it easy to teach the basic steps to others. And your improved mood can inspire others to take charge of their emotional life, as well.

8. Save money. Antidepressants cost a lot of money. So does long term talk therapy. After your initial investment in learning the Mood Switch, you’ll be able to help yourself for years to come – at any time and in any place.

9. Experience a higher quality life. When you use the Mood Switch, you’ll stop feeling like a victim of circumstances beyond your control. Knowing how to shift your thoughts to ones that make you feel better bolsters your confidence. The greater your ability to handle life’s challenges, the greater your satisfaction with life becomes.

10. Get better, don’t just feel better. The Mood Switch doesn’t just temporarily reduce the intensity of negative feelings. It actually changes the upsetting thoughts and beliefs that create negative feelings.

As you practice the steps, you will begin to automatically counteract negative thoughts as they arise. In effect, you’ll be able to ward off a down mood before it takes hold – your personal pre-emptive strike against suffering.

As one of our valued readers, I’d like to invite you to a special teleseminar, called Beyond EFT with the Mood Switch, this coming Thursday at no charge. In just 45 minutes, I’ll give you all the tools you need to take control of your moods, get relief from anxiety, anger, and down moods, and fell excited about your life again. If you would like to have the power to help yourself feel better every day and see the “fog lift” permanently — I hope you will join us!

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