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Negative Thinking is a Chain You Can Break

Do you want to feel gooder? No, that’s not a typo! Feelgooder (www.feelgooder.com) is the name of a great website that publishes daily tips to inform and inspire you in the areas of health, relationships, social good, work and finance.

My guest post, “How to Break the Downward Spiral of Negative Thinking,” was recently published on their site. The post describes how and why negative thinking spirals out of control and an easy technique for breaking the chain of negative thoughts.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the post:

You may be surprised to learn that your negative thoughts aren’t usually random. Often, there’s an underlying emotion (sadness, anger, jealousy) or theme (money, death, health) that triggers your negative thinking and serves to link your thoughts together. Once you’re aware of your personal patterns or themes, it’s easier to break the associations or links.

Readers have left some great comments. I invite you to visit the site, read my post, and share your own insights about how to keep your negative thoughts from spiraling out of control.

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