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Do You Have an Anger Problem?

Anger is a powerful emotion that is often difficult to deal with. It’s also probably the least understood.

We get angry at our partners, our children, the man standing in line at the bank, the teenager cutting us off in traffic, our boss who just doesn’t understand, and even the dogs barking in the next yard.

We get angry and blame our anger on other people or a frustrating situation – anyone or anything but ourselves.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that people who have anger problems are often not even aware they have a problem. The questions below will help you determine if anger is a problem for you or someone you care about.

1. When you have an argument are you convinced you’re 100 % right?

2. Do you feel righteous and that your anger is completely justified?

3. Do you feel like the other person deserves punishment?

4. Do feel like you have to “win”?

5. Do you act like you don’t care, but then give the other person the “Silent Treatment?”

6. Do you deny that you’re angry, but then pout?

7. Do you bring up other issues in order to blame the other person?

8. Do your angry feelings become enjoyable or almost exhilarating, like a temporary “high?”

9. Do you lash out at the other person, and try to intimidate him or her?

10. Do you try to make the other person feel guilty?

11. Do you try to provoke the other person or push the other person’s buttons until the person blows up? Then do you act innocent or like the person is the one who has the problem?

If you answered yes any of the questions above, your anger is taking a toll on your life. In my next blog post, I’ll tell you how to develop control over your anger so you’ll stop inflicting unnecessary pain on yourself and others.

If you or someone you care about struggles with anger, I invite you to contact me by phone (630-960-2887), text (630-202-3909), or email (dlippmann@att.net). I offer a variety of options, from on-line home study courses to phone and in-person sessions, to help you experience long-lasting relief from emotional upset.

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