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The Health Switch

Are you tired of watching years go by as other people get fit and healthy, and you just get older…more unhealthy…more tired?

Discover the one thing that is
more important to your health than
diet, exercise, or medical advice

We spend hours and hours watching, tracking, counting, and feeling guilty about what we eat. But, how much time do we spend on the most powerful factor of all – our thoughts?

Reaching your health and fitness goals requires action. And actions are powered by, (or sabotaged by), our thoughts. No matter how good your doctor’s advice, no matter how perfect your meal plan, no matter how well researched your fitness regimen, none of them will work if you don’t start them and stick to them.

  • Thought: I don’t have the energy to exercise regularly.
  • Thought: There is too much information and contradiction. I don’t know where to start.
  • Thought: It’s selfish of me to spend so much time on myself – I have a family.
  • Thought: I’ve never been able to stick with it long term before, why will this time be different?
  • Thought: It’s too difficult to find the time to cook in a whole new way.

The biggest obstacles to reaching your health goals and feeling great are thought obstacles, – or, as I like to call them with my patients, Thought Traps.

If you’re not reaching your health goals, it is not the diet, the food, or the exercises that’s holding you back. The real obstacles are practically invisible to almost all of us. The real reason we don’t reach our health goals is because of what we think about the healthy behaviors that we need to choose in order to reach our health goals.

One simple unexamined thought can keep you
trapped in a fat, tired or sick body. Or it can simply
keep you from reaching your potential and feeling great.

We all have down moods and negative thoughts and limiting beliefs from time to time. These thoughts are powerful and they keep us from acting. They can be so automatic that we don’t even realize we’ve been sabotaged.

Notice that the reasons for failing, or not starting, are not about the food or exercise itself. (You don’t hear people say, I did not reach my goal because I ate too much broccoli and not enough cauliflower.)

The good news is that there are simple, proven
techniques you can do in just a few minutes a day
that will propel you past these ‘thought obstacles’ and
keep you sailing on toward your goal.

Most of the time our thoughts are automatic. They follow patterns that were engrained in us when we were young – patterns we did not necessarily choose – patterns that may not really be very helpful, or very logical.

In just a few minutes per day, you can learn to:

  • Learn to identify the hidden, automatic thoughts that sabotage your success
  • Diagnose which of the 9 Thought Traps are the ones causing you the most problems
  • Master the 7-step process for developing “Mind Power” – the power of thought to propel you to action.

This do-it-yourself method will break down the ‘though obstacles’ you are not even aware you have. You will learn to quickly recognize them and employ the simple principles of the Health Switch to boost your personal ‘Mind Power’

“…it changes how I feel within minutes.”

I used to experience a lot of mood swings. After Dan taught me the Health Switch, I got control over my bad moods. I now use it whenever I start to get upset, and it changes how I feel within minutes. My life is so much better, and my family is relieved!

– Kim B., Cleveland, OH

“I had this amazing realization…”

When I began working with Dan, I was feeling totally hopeless about my situation. He showed me how to access my Mind Power, and I had this amazing realization. I had more control than I ever imagined!

– Jennifer W., La Grange, IL

I come from a family with a long history of serious depression, chronic suffering, and self-destructive health choices.

Luckily, I had an epiphany that would change my life forever.

Hi, This is Dan Lippmann.
In my late twenties, on top of my predisposition to down moods and negativity, I was also suffering from chronic pain from a joint disorder. As I saw myself sliding down into a hole of poor physical health and emotional health, I had an epiphany that changed my whole life. I suddenly realized that…

Our lives and health depend on learning to
take control of our own thoughts and moods.

I realized then that if I let my automatic thoughts and unexamined beliefs run my life, they’d rob me of my power, motivation, and ability to have the health and joy I wanted in my life. I realized that I could train myself to have the mental power to change my outcomes.

This set me on a journey to understand human emotions, moods, and the thought traps that hold us back. I went to school, became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and began to search for an answer.

This journey, and thousands of hours counseling people suffering because they were letting unexamined, negative, and limiting thoughts determine their results convinced me that:

You can change how you feel, and literally ‘turn off’
the negative moods and beliefs that hold you back.

…and it doesn’t involve drugs or years of talk therapy.

I also realized that to reach more people with this message, I’d have to make it simple enough to learn and do on your own, at home, in just a few minutes a day.

Since some of the biggest issues my patients face are health, weight, diet, and fitness related, I decided to create some easy-to-use tools to help them continue on their own after our work together.

This was so popular that I’ve now finally found the time to turn the tools into something anyone can use to change their health destiny and feel better daily.

What is the Health Switch? How does it work?

The highly influential modern psychotherapist Alfred Adler stated,

“I am convinced that a person’s behavior springs from his ideas.”

Most of us are probably familiar with the concept of thoughts becoming actions. But, what we may not be aware of are the automatic thoughts we have every second of every day that are constantly creating emotion and causing, or preventing, action.

Our feelings are closely followed by thoughts that interpret the feeling and determine our course of action. We can’t always control the initial feeling, but we can become aware of the thought, and thus influence the action that follows.

For example, can you relate to this?

Look at the difference one thought makes…

Imagine you are driving down the freeway, obeying all the rules and driving safely. Suddenly a car swerves in front of you, missing your front bumper by inches, giving you a surge of adrenaline.What you “feel” is the adrenaline. But the resulting ‘mood’ depends on your instant, ‘automatic’ thought, and on the thoughts you continue to have after that.

You might think: “What a jerk! He could have killed me! Why are people so stupid? Where are the police when you need them? Why does this always happen to me? This is a bad day. I need some french fries.”

On the other hand, you might think: “Wow! That was close! I got out of that without a scratch. Thank goodness! It must my lucky day! I’m really lucky to be alive and feel even more committed to taking care of myself.”

There is no difference in what actually happened in both cases. There is no difference in the surge of adrenaline. The difference is the automatic thoughts and the mood they leave you in.

And, that mood is usually what determines the actions you choose next.

Research has shown that most bad feelings come from illogical thoughts.

The feelings come from the way you think about the events, rather than the events themselves, and then our choices and actions are based on those feelings and thoughts.

This is why the Health Switch Method can work “miracles” in such a short time. The Health Switch is based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques. Since the 1960s, when CBT was first developed, it has been rigorously researched. This research has revealed that CBT works extremely well, because it is based on a breakthrough finding:

• Thoughts “cause” feelings

• Illogical thoughts cause negative feelings

But the key word here is “behavior.” Cognitive Behavior Therapy helps you change your thinking so you can change the way you feel, which leads to lifelong changes in your behavior.

Unlike many other self-help methods, this tool doesn’t just temporarily reduce the intensity of negative feelings that are keeping you from acting; it actually changes the upsetting thoughts and beliefs that create negative feelings. In fact, 90% of my clients experience relief from emotional upset, regardless of the complexity of their problem, after applying this tool to their specific problem just one time.

The Health Switch Method enables you to quickly zero in on what is holding you back or upsetting you.

The Health Switch Method systematically guides you to create customized, powerful, “negative-thought-busting” phrases to counteract your specific upsetting thoughts and beliefs.

For less than the cost of:
– A personal trainer for a day…
– A few days’ meals…

The advantage of Health Switch is that of all the things you pay for to get healthy – doctor visits, personal trainers, special organic foods – the Health Switch is the only one that you only have to pay for once. It is the only one that, once you invest in it, will continue to work for you and help you reach your health goals for ever.

The Health Switch Home Study Course

What you Get:

This home study course is the perfect format for learning the Health Switch Method because it is truly a DIY self-help technique. The materials you receive give you absolutely everything you need to learn, practice and apply the simple Health Switch steps anytime you are experiencing resistance taking actions that lead to health. You will find that once you work through this course, your ability to recognize and switch out of ‘thought obstacles’ will become faster and easier – it will become second nature. You will look back and think that this was the best investment in your health you could possibly have made, both in terms of money and effort. For less than it costs to see a personal trainer for one month, and in less than a few hours time, you’ll already be feeling better daily.

The Health Switch Workbook

This will serve as your personal, step-by-step guide. It will walk you through the process as if you were here in my office in person.

It is based on the in-person process that I’ve used countless times with the patients in my own therapy practice.

It is not too long or complicated. The steps are simple, and the work is rewarding and well worth it.

The Health Switch Tool Kit

  • The Feelings Reference Cards
    • Identify the emotion holding you back
  • 4 Sets of Mind Power Flash Cards
    • Pre-written helpful and logical replacements for the most common thought obstacles
  • Health Switch 7-steps Cheat Sheet
  • Health Switch Worksheet
  • Health Switch Worksheet – Examples

Health Switch Focus Sessions (Audio MP3)

Focus Session 1:

  • How to overcome Resistance to Self-Care
    • Listen in as I work with a real (volunteer) client to demonstrate how simply you can use the Health Switch to overcome resistance to self-care

    Focus Session 2:

  • How to overcome Resistance to Change
    • Listen in as I work with a real (volunteer) patient to demonstrate how simply you can use the Health Switch to overcome resistance to change and Dr.’s advice.

And, you also get:

Created specifically for Dan’s patients, readers, and friends:

Because Dan’s patients have requested help with these other issues so frequently, you will ALSO have access to two very special added programs – at no additional cost:

The Fitness Switch Program

We know that many of you are already committed to your health and fitness. So, that is why we created a brand new module to go along with the Health Switch.

Whether you are a beginner, or an avid athlete, this booster pack will help you address the more specific thought patterns that affect your ability to reach your exercise and fitness goals.

You get:

  • Two more audio demonstrations with PDF transcripts of real live, volunteer clients working with me to find their fitness-related ‘thought traps’ and then to create new, empowering beliefs around their fitness goals.
  • SIX sets of ‘Mind Power’ flash cards for Fitness. Based on my experience, I’ve identified many of the most common limiting beliefs and written some samples of better, empowering thoughts. You can use these directly, or draw inspiration from them to create your own. Blank flash card template is included.
  • Sample worksheets, pre-filled-out on fitness-related topics. This gives you a leg up on using the blank worksheets that are also included.

Focus Session:
No Energy To Exercise

Do you ever feel like you just don’t have enough energy left in the day to exercise? Do you wonder how people get up so early and find the energy to hit the gym? Listen (or read) along as I talk to a real live client with similar concerns. There’s nothing quite like hearing a real person, with a real situation walk through the process and come out the other side feeling energized and motivated.

Focus Session:
Embarrassed to Exercise

If you are like most people, it is hard to feel like a beginner. Your first yoga class, or your first trip to the gym in years can make you feel really self conscious:

  • “Do I look dumb?”
  • “Everyone is more fit than I am.”
  • “I don’t know what I’m doing.”
  • “I don’t want anyone to seem me lift weights.”

Listen (or read) along as I walk a real person with similar concerns through the Fitness Switch process. Together we uncover the thought traps and replace them with empowering, logical thoughts.

Some of you may have health goals related to your weight. Whether your focus is on getting past chronic conditions which are worsened by excess weight, or you just want to feel lighter and more energetic, this program will help you identify and overcome your thought traps.

The Weight Switch Program

We thought we’d go one step further and also give you the very popular Weight Switch Program at no additional cost.

Together with your Health Switch Program, this pack can help you focus on the thought obstacles keeping you from reaching your ideal weight goals.

You get:

  • Two more audio demonstrations with PDF transcripts of real live, volunteer clients working with me to find their ‘thought traps’ and then to create new, empowering beliefs.
  • SIX sets of ‘Mind Power’ flash cards. Based on my experience, I’ve identified many of the most common limiting beliefs and written some samples of better, empowering thoughts. You can use these directly, or draw inspiration from them to create your own. Blank flash card template is included.
  • Sample worksheets, pre-filled-out on weight loss -related topics. This gives you a leg up on using the blank worksheets that are also included.

Focus Session:
Dealing with Diet Slip-ups
No matter who you are, you are not going to be 100% perfect when you start a new way of eating, or a new diet. The key is to get past your little slip-ups quickly and get back on track. In this focus session, you’ll hear me help someone struggling with new dietary restrictions. Listen (or read) along and discover the simple steps that allow the client to get back on track and feel good despite the slip-up.

Focus Session:
Stress Snacking & Overeating
You make dinner, but you just want a 2nd or 3rd helping. You’re stressed out and a yummy snack is the one thing that will make you feel better. You sit down to watch a little T.V. and it’s just not the same without your favorite junk food. Listen (or read) along as I walk someone with similar challenges through the simple steps of the Weight Switch Program. By the time they finish, the client has renewed will power, and practical, logical strategies to use right away.

And, Get This Special Free Gift:

AHA! Guided Meditation (audio MP3)

Change in diet or lifestyle can bring stress. And it is more difficult to reach your goals when you feel stretched and stressed. On this Audio CD, I take you on a meditative journey deep into your own psyche. As I guide you through this visual exercise, descending into a very calm inner place in your mind, you’ll discover a calmness and even answers to some of your most frustrating questions – already there – buried inside you! You’ll complete this meditation not only relaxed, but with renewed energy for pursuing your goals and with new clarity and insight about your challenges.

Get all three programs: Health Switch, Fitness Switch and Weight Switch, with our risk free guarantee.

Not sure that this is going to be the right tool for you to reach your goals and have the body and energy you desire? Please feel free to try it out with no risk for 90 days.

I’ve had so much success with this method with my patients, that I’m confident that you can use it to change your life, too. It can’t hurt to try. Maybe this program will give you the support you need to take the simple, yet important actions necessary for reaching your health goals and feeling better daily.

Let me make it as easy as possible for you to at least try.

90 Day Iron-Clad 100%
Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

I want this to be an easy decision for you…

If you aren’t 100% happy just let me know within 90 days…
And we will promptly refund all your money.
No questions, no hassles
– it’s that simple!

Dan Lippmann

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