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Is anxiety making you too cautious?

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Sometimes it’s wise to be cautious, especially when you may be in physical danger. However, when you play it safe because you’re too anxious to try something new, you may close off possibilities that could bring you greater happiness and satisfaction.

Life is shaped by your choices. What are you choosing?

Read over the statements below to see if anxiety is causing you to play it too safe.

New situations make me uncomfortable. I prefer to stay in my comfort zone.

It’s safer to stick to what I already know.

I frequently worry, “what if…?” If I can’t predict what will happen, I won’t take the risk.

I look down on myself for being afraid to try new things.

I have regrets about things I’ve been too afraid to try, including business and romantic opportunities.

If you agree with one or more of these statements, it may be time to learn ways to overcome your anxiety.

I can teach you practical, self-help techniques that you can begin using immediately to reduce your anxiety and regain a welcome sense of control.

These techniques include:

  • two breathing methods that quickly relax your body and mind
  • a guided meditation recording that trains your brain to deal more effectively with stress (You can even listen to it on your smart phone.)
  • a 12-minute relaxation technique, developed at Harvard Medical School, that reduces stress and anxiety
  • a Cognitive Therapy technique that teaches you how to change your distorted, negative thoughts to more realistic, balanced ones so you’re not as fearful

As the physical symptoms of your anxiety decrease, we can then work together to solve the underlying life problems and situations that fuel your anxiety, including work, health, and relationship problems.

Let me teach you how to get your anxiety under control so you can move beyond your comfort zone to live a more fulfilled life.

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